4 candidates campaign to be Tallassee's next mayor

4 candidates campaign to be Tallassee's next mayor

TALLASSEE, AL (WSFA) - Four candidates say they have what it takes to be the next mayor of Tallassee and without an incumbent in the race, it will likely end in a runoff.

Elmore County Commissioner Trey Taylor brings budgeting experience, and a plan to annex residential areas into the city limits to increase revenue and decrease debt.

"We do not have enough revenue here to generate what we need to pay off our debt," Taylor explained. "It will give the people of this city the amenities that they want, recreational facilities and things like that."

George McCain is focusing his campaign on quality of life services for families and senior citizens, putting an emphasis on job creation.

"We have to ensure we can work with our education system to create more jobs, more recreation options, more retail business," McCain stated. 
"And most of all, reduce crime and have a safer city."

For Johnny Hammock, it's about public safety and economic development; creating jobs in the city limits and increasing revenue.

"We are the only town in Elmore County that has land at the industrial park waiting to grow," Hammock said.  "We are sitting on a gold mine here, we have internet access and we have rail access we could eventually tie into later on if we get more industry here. We just need good paying jobs."

Jeanna Kervin is a familiar name, and former chamber director, who promises voters an emphasis on cleaning up the city, and creating a clearinghouse for new businesses who want to locate in Tallassee.

"We are focusing on economic development and meeting those needs," Kervin said. "But that ties into all our platforms; to meet those needs in retail and economic development, we have to have a beautification in the city... we have to have a quality of life issues."

Voters will head to the polls to elect new Tallassee leaders on Aug. 23.

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