Life's Greatest Miracle and the Power of Prayer

For many of us who have children, we know we've witnessed one of life's greatest miracles - bringing a new life into the world. One woman says her miracle is extra special because doctors said it wouldn't happen.

In this week's Power of Prayer, a new child brings a special blessing. Olympia McGill beat the odds and amazed many people around her. And, although she had every reason to doubt that her child would be born healthy, she prayed for a miracle and says that's just what she got.

Olympia spends a lot of time in church and with God. She says her top priority is her spiritual life. "I'm a strong believer in God's word." That strong belief may be what pulled her through one of the toughest times ever and blessed her with what she calls a miracle baby.

Olympia says, "A lot of times God puts us in these situations to put us solely trusting in him." That situation was a battle doctors told her she couldn't win. When she was four months pregnant with her third child, Felece, doctors asked her to terminate the pregnancy. "The doctor didn't understand why I was at the doctor then because he said the baby should have terminated by the third month."

That's because Felece developed tumors around her neck and fluids throughout her body..leaving little chance for life. "He said even if you do carry your child to the ninth month, she will not live but a few minutes after birth anyway," says Olympia.

Doctors asked Olympia three times to terminate her pregnancy. They never thought Felece would make it past sixth months. Olympia refused. She began praying, along with everyone in her church. Pastor Earnest Lindsey recalls, "We know Olympia and we know she has great faith and a strong belief in God and when she called and told us, we all began praying."

Olympia's adds, "I believed I have my life right with God, so there was nothing that I could ask for that God would not give me." When Olympia reached her seventh month of pregnancy, she and her doctors witnessed what they called an astonishing miracle. "He's doing the ultra sound all over, up and down, and he says, 'it's gone! Remember the tumor and the fluids? It's gone! Your gonna have the baby, this miracle baby!'"

Felece was born a few months later. The only sign of the tumors is the back of her neck where they stretched the skin. "I was even asked did you ever think you may have a mentally retarded child and I said no, I never had a thought I thought she would be normal and that's the way she came," remembers Olympia.

You can't always accept the negative and that's what happened with her. She believed that you never know. This circumstance could be for His glory. That's exactly what Olympia believes. She's now eager to share her story. She says she wants to encourage others to believe in the Power of Prayer.

"When I tell my story..people say, well this happened to me, but they're not sharing it and people need to know what we've been through to give others the strength to go on," relates Olympia. She says doctors want to do a study on Felece. She says they're still not certain how she survived. But Olympia says she told them, it was prayer.