Editorial: Red Cross thank you

Editorial: Red Cross thank you

(WSFA) - On Wednesday, WSFA 12 News partnered with the Red Cross and you, the people of the River Region, to raise close to $40,000 to help flood victims in Louisiana and Mississippi.

$40,000 on one days' notice and over an 8-hour span. That is remarkable by any measurement. Thousands of people in Louisiana are displaced or have lost everything. The flood waters will not recede quickly. All of your donations will go to help with even the most basic of needs.

All of us here at WSFA 12 News are proud to serve this great community. This is a diverse community with diverse thoughts and goals, but it is a united community when it comes to helping those in need.

Be proud of what was accomplished on Wednesday, and if you missed the opportunity, here is one more chance. Go to the Red Cross website and make a donation. Thank you again to all who have donated and continue to keep our neighbors to the west in your prayers.

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