Saving Money - Make it Last Around the House

We continue our month-long look at ways to save. Tuesday's money-saving tips: Make it Last Around the House.

When you conserve things around the house, you're not only stretching your household dollar, you're cutting back on time and money consuming trips to the store

First of all, cut back on all those paper products. A buck a roll for paper towels can really add up! Use cloth towels whenever possible and break out the dishes. It may require a little more on the cleaning end, but it'll be cheaper in the long run.

Learn to restore and clean household items yourself. And, think of original ways to decorate your home with natural items like: dried flower arrangements, garden flowers and decorative plants and weeds.

And whenever possible dilute your cleaning items with water! The old "fill it half-way with water" trick works very well for shampoo, liquid hand soaps, dish washing detergent and other bottled cleaning products.