Editorial: Alabama Politics on display

Editorial: Alabama Politics on display

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - After the Senate did its job and voted on a lottery bill the bill stalls in the House of Representatives. So at best there would need to be a special election at the cost of at least 3 million dollars for the people to decide on the lottery.

It wasn't voted down. Through the use of a procedural stall tactic it never made it to committee much less the floor. IF you are at all surprised by this you have not been paying attention. This is Alabama state politics. Many legislators are against the lottery. I am completely fine with that. Vote on it. Poll after poll says that the citizens of the state are for it. Let them vote on it. This is the third costly special session in the last two years. All designed to help Alabama to come up with long-term fixes to funding issues that have plagued this state for decades. So far I can't put my finger on any. Tuesday was another wasted opportunity for movement.

Representative Ken Johnson of Lawrence County made this statement and I think it better illustrates the point.

"You know it wasn't us who waited. It was the governor who waited until August to call a special session. It was the Senate who took five days to debate, and then to expect the House to push it through in two days? I think the people deserve better than that"

The original bill was three pages long. I read it. The revised bill was five pages long. Yes, I do expect my representatives to read five pages and debate an important piece of legislation in two days, and I think the people do deserve better than what they got Tuesday.

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