Tallassee Mayoral Race heading for a runoff

Tallassee Mayoral Race heading for a runoff

TALLASSEE, AL (WSFA) - Even though they'll have to spend another six weeks campaigning, Johnny Hammock and George McCain are still pleased with Tuesday night's results and the chance to be Tallassee's Mayor.

"I was very optimistic. I was thinking I would do well," Hammock said. "I figured I would probably get into the runoff. I knew it would be tight."

"I welcome it, quite frankly, because it allows voters to fully focus on fresh ideas and bold initiatives that I'm proposing," McCain said.

Whoever wins will be taking over for Mayor Bobby Payne who has been mayor since 1988, with the exception of one term.

Hammock says he decided to enter the race after he found out Payne wouldn't be running again.

"If he wasn't going to do it, I thought that I was at an age, being 41, to do it. I think I'm around the same age he was when he took office," Hammock said. "I think I could pick up the torch and move Tallassee forward. I prayed about it. I talked to my mother and father about it and some of my close friends."

That one term Payne wasn't mayor was when he lost to McCain in 2008. Payne reclaimed the Mayor's office in 2012.

"He just came back and out campaigned me. So he's retiring now and it's a day for re-energizing, getting people enthused and excited about our city because there are so many things we can do," McCain said

Both candidates are promising fresh ideas, but they have the similar goals overall as to what their main focuses would be if elected mayor.

"The major thing is economic development and public safety," Hammock said. "I want jobs and I want the people of my town to be safe. Everyone's right as a citizen of Tallassee is to be taken care of with fire protection, police protection and you need a place to work. We need jobs and there's no reason we can't bring them here."

"Day one, we'll look at the budget and see where we are money-wise. See how much money the city has so we can initiate our ideas," McCain said.
"Of course, having been in law enforcement, police and fire are very important. Having been mayor for four years, you get fully versed on running a city."

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