Auburn developer makes second attempt in politics; aims for Hubbard seat

Auburn developer makes second attempt in politics; aims for Hubbard seat
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AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - Jay Conner is a long time Realtor and residential developer in Lee County. With that kind of background, he hopes to close the deal on winning House District seat 79.

"I don't think I'm giving up anything. If anything, this is an opportunity," Conner explained. This is his second attempt at winning a political race. He ran 10 years ago for an Auburn city council slot and lost.

"I didn't do enough face-to-face, conversational campaigning," Conner admitted.

Auburn born and raised, Conner is a graduate of the University of Alabama, heavily involved in the Auburn community and now wants to take it to next level at the Alabama statehouse. Conner feels overall life is pretty good in Auburn but could be better.

"Getting the lottery passed. I mean, they're in a special session now and they have basically done nothing," he said.

Conner is running for the seat vacated by Mike Hubbard who was convicted in the summer on 12 ethics charges. The court sentenced Hubbard to four years in prison, but he remains free while appealing the verdict. Conner admitted it feels a bit awkward running for his friend's seat.

"It's really strange. He's got some really good friends who live on this street," Conner said.

Conner says he's spent just $2,000 on his campaign. "And that's by design. What I want to do is do this without taking money from those in this district who, in a lot of cases, can't afford to do it," he said.

District 79 voters have less than a week to make a decision, less than a week for Jay Conner to convince them he is the right choice out of the four candidates in the race.

The election is next Tuesday. District 79 has around 33,000 registered voters, according to the Lee County registrar's office.

WSFA's candidate profiles in the District 79 race continue Thursday night.

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