Barron faces challenge over Alabama Senate leadership

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP)_ Lowell Barron, the state Senate's president pro tem since 1999, is confident he'll survive a rules battle today that could oust him as the Senate's powerful leader.

Eight Democratic senators, including two of Barron's traditional allies, have signed a notice saying they will propose a rules change that would make it easier to remove the president pro tem.

But Barron dismisses it as end-of-the-session tension and predicts it will blow over.

Lineville state Senator Gerald Dial led the group that filed the notice. It says that today, the Democratic group will propose changing the Senate's rules to allow the president pro tem to be removed from his position by a vote of 18 of the 35 senators rather than 21.

Dial said his group is concerned that all senators haven't been treated fairly by Barron this session.

But passing their rules change will take 21 votes -- a number Barron is confident Dial's group can't reach.

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