Editorial: Remembering 9/11

Editorial: Remembering 9/11

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Sunday was the fifteenth anniversary of the attacks on 9/11. If you are over the age of thirty you can probably remember the exact place that you were on that day. I can, but more important to me though was what I remember from the days following the attack.

This country was unified at a level it had not been in any of our lifetimes. We were all Americans on those days and just Americans.

The events of the past twelve months and even the past month are proving that as a nation we may be more divided than we have ever been.

Most recently in the news Colin Kapernick started a wave of protests from football players to bring attention to what he called the oppression of blacks and people of color. I purposely waited to comment on this issue to hopefully better understand the cause.

I totally disagree with what these athletes are doing. The National Anthem is about sacrifice, reflection and remembering those that made our way of life possible.

With that said, I commend Kapernick for exercising his rights and standing up for his beliefs. The racial divide that is in this country is real and while it is better than it was in the 60's that is not something to hang our hats on.

African American men standing up, or in this case, sitting down, is at least a step from a group that have taken few. I would hope to see those same men taking greater steps, like investing in black communities with their money and their fame. I

Instead of kneeling on the sidelines, take the money and fame that your ability and this country have given you and make real change in the communities that need it most.

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