Exploring Alabama - Selma Movie

A movie crew is ready to set up shop in Selma for a couple of scenes in an upcoming movie by an Alabama film maker. The movie, "When I Find the Ocean" is a family adventure film about a little girl who believes the creek behind her house can take her to the ocean.

When the crew comes to town on Sunday May 15 th , from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. , they will re-create the beginning of the Selma to Montgomery civil rights march in 1965. Vicki R. Craig is just one of an expected army of volunteers working with Cypress Moon productions.

She and I spent a little time recently talking about the need for "volunteers", a term for folks who don't get paid. But the lack of pay doesn't seem to bother Craig or others who're excited about a single day of shooting.

"One gentleman from Maryland called and said he was coming...and people from Georgia , Mississippi ...all over," Craig recalled. "You'd be surprised the number of people who are interested because they want to be a part of recreating history."

But the casting department needs help. They need 12-hundred extras...volunteers...to recreate that Selma march scene in the film.

This is not the first movie to choose Selma for some of its location shooting. There've been at least 7 others, including "Blue Sky" filmed in 1990 around the old Craig field. Jessica Lange won an academy award for her role in the film that also starred Tommy Lee Jones.

The cast of "When I Find the Ocean" includes veteran actors Lee Majors and Dianne Ladd...and Alabama native Richard Tyson. And actor/director Robert Redford's daughter Amy has a role.

If you'd like to be a part of a big screen production...contact the casting office in Selma ...334-875-8868.