Montgomery Counting Down To Hyundai Plant Grand Opening

Thousands of jobs, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and thousands of people coming to Montgomery, all thanks to Hyundai. Now, anticipation is building for the company's grand opening less than two weeks from now, and there are already indications all over town that something big is about to happen in Montgomery.

Like it is for most families, all it takes is word of out of town or out of the country guests coming to visit to speed up the cleaning, the fixing and the planting. Phil Perry is with Montgomery Regional Airport.

Perry tells WSFA 12 News, "Your first impression you can't do over again. So, I think It's important for us to make it a right one."

It's been about three years since Hyundai broke ground in Montgomery on its new plant. Now, the new 2006 model of the Sonata is ready to be displayed at the airport for all the arriving visitors to see.

Those at the Chamber of Commerce have the fun jobs now, organizing some of the entertainment and social events for the weekend, but it can be stressful too.

Ellen McNair is with Montgomery Chamber of Commerce. She says, "On a scale of one to ten this is a 12. It is a huge event for our community."

Anna Buckalew is also with the Chamber. She says, "I'd say about a 20 because the world will be watching. We feel hurried because there's a lot to do and only two weeks left to get it down."

And they have only 2 weeks left to hang about 150 banners all over town, as well as putting up special billboards.

But no one will probably celebrate the more than Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright. He says he will buy the first Sonata off the assembly line.

The Mayor tells WSFA 12 News, "It's going to be loaded. Two reasons why it needs to be loaded. It's going to my wife's number one and number two it's the first vehicle off the assembly line and I want it to be the best representative of the quality of the product they produce."

Mayor Bright says he got that commitment from the Chairman of Hyundai when he last visited Korea. "It will be black with tan interior," Bright says.

It's customary in Korea to give gifts to visitors. So, the Chamber will be distributing 4-hundred crystal globes to the hotel rooms of visiting dignitaries and international media coming into town.

Stay with WSFA 12 News and as the countdown to Hyundai's grand opening continues. WSFA 12 News will air live coverage of Hyundai's opening next Friday, May 20th.