Editorial: What should we expect from the governor's new gaming commission?

Editorial: What should we expect from the governor's new gaming commission?

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley announced the formation of an Alabama Advisory Council on Gambling to study the issues related to gambling or lack thereof in our state.

The seven-member committee will have until Jan. 31 to come up with recommendations for how this state should proceed on the issue of gambling. They will examine state and local laws currently governing gaming in Alabama, including the multiple county gaming constitutional amendments and state Supreme Court gaming decisions already handed down and on the books.

Maybe the most telling and powerful information of all that will come out of this study will be the taxes currently being generated from state's that allow gaming. If there's anything that can get a revenue-starved state lawmaker's attention, it's dollar signs.

So what should we expect? I expect the committee to show that other states have set up commissions, laws, and best practices to govern and execute gaming in lawful, professional and profitable ways.

I expect there to be a recommendation from the council that the Alabama counties of Macon and Greene with gaming constitutional amendments already in place should be allowed to legally operate gaming facilities without further disruption from the Alabama Attorney General's office.

And lastly, I expect the tax figures that are gathered showing what other states generate annually from gaming to be staggering.

Most importantly I expect our elected officials to ignore that evidence like they have for years and again not allow the citizens of Alabama to vote on the issue.

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