Alabama GOP chair voting for Trump despite 'lewd conduct'

Alabama GOP chair voting for Trump despite 'lewd conduct'

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - The chairwoman of Alabama's Republican Party is standing with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Terry Lathan issued a statement Monday after the second presidential debate saying no one can defend Trump's "lewd conduct" caught on tape 11 years ago.

But she says voters chose Trump as the party's nominee knowing his style and his past. Lathan says Trump is now the only person who can stop the election of Democrat Hillary Clinton as president.

Lathan's statement doesn't directly say she will vote for Trump. But in a later email to The Associated Press, Lathan says: "Of course I am."

Gov. Robert Bentley says he won't vote for Trump following the release of the recording. Alabama Republican Reps. Martha Roby and Bradley Byrne have called for Trump to leave the ticket.

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"The last sixty hours have been very unconventional in a presidential election. The eleven year old leaked Trump tape had reprehensible words, and even worse, a disrespectful and juvenile attitude toward women. No on can or will defend this type of lewd conduct."