Editorial Feedback: Gaming Commission and Roy Moore suspension

Editorial Feedback: Gaming Commission and Roy Moore suspension

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In response to our editorial question, "What should we expect from the governor's new gaming commission?" all the comments shared a similar viewpoint.

Marie said:

"Maybe we should fix the prison system, or solve murders, or maybe try fixing our education system. This is such a waste."

Harriet commented:

"Tax payers money wasted as usual with appointed committees.  Victoryland is open, just leave it alone."

Amy wrote:

"The same as always, nothing."

In response to our editorial about Judge Roy Moore's suspension from the Alabama Supreme Court, the comments were much more equally balanced.

Shirley said:

"He not only should've been removed, he should be barred from running for any other public office, period."

Kevin commented:

"Regardless if you believe in his principles or not, we can't have a judge not following the law. If he doesn't agree with the law, and feels that strongly, then he has to step down and be an activist to change the law."

Rosie wrote:

"You did right Judge. Stand up for what is right, not for what the people think is right. What happened to what God says, or have you forgotten about him and his laws?"

And Danny said:

"They suspended him because they did not believe he was guilty of anything, otherwise he would have been removed. It was their tactic to get him out of office and out of their way."

As always, we appreciate your comments.