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Wildfire erupts at Buck's Pocket State Park

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For the last four days, firefighters in Jackson County have been battling a fire at Buck's Pocket State Park.

More than 30 acres have burned so far, but firefighters are having to deal with this one on two fronts.

On Thursday afternoon, local and state fire crews responded to the top of the bluff where the fire had rekindled.

The fire began at the top on Monday. But since then, flaming embers have fallen hundreds of feet to the bottom of the bluff and started another fire in the park where approximately 20 acres have now burned.

State crews have been dozing fire lanes to help keep the fire from spreading, but wind is a factor. Local crews worked throughout the night to move the fire closer to containment.

“Our biggest concern is to keep the fire under control and to keep it from going to the west and to keep it off the top of the mountain away from structures,” said Macedonia Volunteer Fire Chief Jimmy Jones.

Jones said no structures or trails at the park are currently in danger.

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