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Faulkner looks to get back on track as they face Bethel on the road Saturday

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The stats were almost mirrored when it came to Faulkner's loss to Lindsey Wilson on Saturday. In the end it was Lindsey Wilson on top with the 21-14 victory.

"We've played six times now. Every time we've played its been a seven-point game or less. Unfortunately for us this time we came up seven points short. Hopefully it's not something we are going to hang our heads over. I think our guys have a good attitude moving forward," said head coach Charlie Boren.

Overcoming three tough losses as a team that expected to make a push deep into the playoffs this year is no doubt going to be very difficult, but Boren says the key is to keep fighting.

The Eagles gave up a few explosive plays and several "unnecessary penalties" that Boren thinks the guys need to get a grip on moving forward. They still have a shot at a winning season if they can win out the rest of the year. That all starts with Bethel this weekend on the road.

"The tendency a lot of times when things are not going perfect is looking to make changes and I think probably the opposite is true for us. We need to go back to what we do best. We need to refine those things, work on those things, and I think that's what we as a staff are doing. You can't force anything. You have to play your game and when you play your game good things tend to happen," Boren said.

The Eagles are now 3-4 on the year traveling to Tennessee to take on Bethel in a conference match-up on Saturday.

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