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Hughes denied bond change in Elmore County rape case

Chase Hughes (Source: Elmore County Sheriff's Office) Chase Hughes (Source: Elmore County Sheriff's Office)

An Elmore County resident at the center of a high-profile rape case will remain in jail on a $280,000 cash bond. Defendant Chase Hughes, charged with first-degree rape and second-degree burglary was in court Tuesday. The defense requested a bond hearing to change Hughes' bond from a cash bond to a regular bond. 

Hughes is accused of kicking in the back door of an acquaintance, pulling her out of the shower, and raping her. 

Hughes stood with his family and asked the bond to be changed so he could go and live with his family, who agreed they would stay with the defendant and monitor his behavior. 

The state objected, reading lewd text messages from Hughes to the victim that were threatening and used offensive language.

“They are very forceful, they are very direct," said District Attorney Randall Houston. "It's not something anyone is ever going to say in front of their mother." He went on to say, “They are very personal, explicit, and used words we don't use in everyday conversations. Very threatening and demeaning.”

Testimony revealed investigators have received 2,400 pages of text messages from Hughes' cell phone carrier that verify the victim's claims that he texted her and threatened to kick in her door and rape her. 

“I don't think the victim believed it would happen, and when it did, it changed everything," Houston said. 

The investigators stated they’ve received 7,000 nude photos of 12 different women, and three other women have come forward with similar accounts. They never filed formal charges against Hughes, reportedly out of fear. Hughes shook his head no when that information was presented to the judge. 

The investigator stated Hughes would take a picture of a woman during a sex act, with or without their consent.  Later, he would text the picture to the woman and say, “Remember this? Come see me.”

If the woman didn’t comply, Hughes would threaten to send the picture to their boyfriend, husband, or employer. If the woman happened to be in another relationship, the text messages suggested he threatened to harm the male in that relationship.

The defense claimed the victim and the defendant communicated with each other in this threatening manner, calling the bond amount unconstitutional. Goggans said he believe Hughes was a flight risk and is a danger to the victim and other women. 

Media was not allowed to record Tuesday’s bond hearing. The defense objected to bringing a camera in the courtroom despite the state's desire to keep the case transparent.

"The state never has an objection to cameras in the courtroom,” Houston said. “I think the public needs to see that the judicial system is doing its job.”

Hughes maintains his innocence, his bond remains set at $280,000 cash.

The defense attorney did not respond to requests for comment. There's no word if the defense will appeal Tuesday’s decision to a higher court.

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