Fort Rucker scores with BRAC

While others may have been shaking in their army boots, Fort Rucker hit the jackpot with the BRAC announcements. Under the BRAC recommendations Fort Rucker would gain more than 18-hundred military and civilian positions.

Brigadier General E.J. Sinclair is the U.S. Aviation Center Commanding General.  He says "One of the things. I think, that made Fort Rucker especially successful is availability and conditions of land and facilities, associated air space, training areas and support from the communities."

The enormous gains have surrounding communities focusing on a big economic future.

Bob Bunting, the mayor of Ozark maintains, "It can't help but have an impact. You'll probably see more houses being built, but the economic impact already is $1.2 billion."

Today's news will likely mean an increase in those figures. Of course the business here is helicopters and the consolidation means local economies will soar.

Sinclair says,  "This announcement today, if anything, emphasizes that Fort Rucker is really the hub of army aviation and will be for the foreseeable future."

Fort Rucker traces its origins to World War II and the Army Air Corps which eveolved into the Army Aviation Center with the mission of training helicopter pilots.  Now the center will train not only the pilots but the maintenance crews as well.