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Georgiana City Council holds 3-minute meeting to address administrative issues

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Georgiana has been without a police force since David Scruggs resigned as police chief Monday morning and a majority of the other officers went with him.

Although Butler County sheriff’s deputies stepped in to provide law enforcement services, residents said they wanted an explanation for why the police force quit.

The city held a special council meeting on Tuesday evening that residents thought would be an opportunity to have their questions and concerns addressed. The meeting had a record number of attendees who waited for more than an hour while the council met in an executive session.

Once regular session started, it lasted less than three minutes. It was long enough for council members to vote on four issues.

The council carried the following four motions before quickly adjourning:

  • The council will request an external investigation from either the attorney general or the district attorney into allegations made by the resigned police officers against the mayor’s office.
  • The council will request a forensic audit on the city, the municipal court and the police department.
  • The council accepts the resignation of David Scruggs as police chief and the other officers.
  • The council is requesting the services of the Butler County Sherriff’s Office to provide law enforcement in Georgiana for the next two weeks, until Mayor Antone appoints a new police chief.

Once the meeting ended, attendees were upset because there was no explanation provided for why Scruggs resigned, and community members were not given an opportunity to voice their concerns or ask questions. Some residents even started chanting that the mayor should resign once the meeting ended.

Despite some attendees leaving the meeting dissatisfied, both Scruggs and Antone said they are happy with the results.

Antone said he is not interested in hearing about the allegations being made against him, but he was re-elected as mayor and will continue to be “in control” of the city.

“I’m going to be in control of this city,” Antone said. “Whether they like it not, I’m going to run this city according to how it’s supposed to be, and not the way they think it’s supposed to be.”

Scruggs said a deeper investigation by state officials will reveal the underlying issues in Gerogiana that he said stretch further than the issues between the mayor’s office and police department.

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