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Historical marker honoring attorney Fred Gray unveiled in Tuskegee

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

Civil Rights attorney Fred Gray was honored in Macon County Wednesday.

"This is an important honor for me. It is good people recognize me, but I didn't ever do this thinking about that," Gray said. 

Gray is known for litigating several major civil rights cases in Alabama, including some that reached the United States Supreme Court for rulings.

He worked with Martin Luther King Jr., and E.D. Nixon, defended Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks, and represented the Montgomery Improvement Association during the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

"I was the vehicle that was used by the plaintiffs in these lawsuits. They were not thinking about a movement. They were not thinking about publicity. They wanted to solve the problem," Gray said.

Just feet from the building where his first law office was housed, a historical marker was unveiled in Tuskegee.

"The voting rights case, the syphilis case, the right to serve on juries - all of those cases were filed right here in this county and in federal court in Montgomery. The people need to know it," Gray said.

At age 85, Gray is still practicing law. He currently has a law office in downtown Tuskegee and one in Montgomery.

The city of Tuskegee, the Tuskegee History Center and the Alabama Department of Tourism worked together for this project. 

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