BRAC Also Targets Reserve Centers

Many reservists are performing their usual duties, but a state-wide analysis recommends closing nine U.S. Army Reserve centers in Alabama, including the Screws Army Reserve Center in Montgomery.

According to one spokesperson for the Alabama National Guard, that's actually good news because of the transformation that could take its place: one of 5 multi-component/service and multi-functional centers.

Lt. Col. Robert Horton says, "It'll be cost effective, it will provide homeland security capabilities, it will consolidate Reserve Component forces."

In other words, the reserve and maintenance centers in Troy and Tuskegee could be streamlined all into one center at the joint forces headquarters in Montgomery. That could be beneficial to the state of Alabama as a whole.

One drawback to centralization: it eliminates opportunities to serve in the National Guard. Reservists in Troy and Tuskegee, for example, would essentially have to commute to the Capitol city to perform their duties.

Overall, the move would improve homeland defense without a significant blow to the area economies. Until, or if, these changes go into effect, it's business as usual.

Lt. Col. Horton adds, "If we build new facilities here in Montgomery, that's going to be great for the National Guard. It's not going to distract us from what we're doing to today, which is fighting terrorism."

BRAC realignment is not finalized. Recommendations still have to be approved by President Bush and the Senate.

Reporter: Theo Travers