Editorial feedback: Almost over

Editorial feedback: Almost over

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week I gave an editorial discussing the presidential election and my belief that the two candidates running for the most important job in the world are both poor choices. This editorial received some very heartfelt feedback. Let's take a look.

June Wrote:

"I really do not think you should be saying that this will be a "landslide" victory for Hillary... this is just another media gimmick that Trump has been up against from the get go... we do not care about your personal political views... you should be neutral if anything... very disappointed in the editorial…"

This one from Grant is for all of those who call me a crazy liberal. He writes:

"I am a devoted follower of WSFA, the station's news format, programming and weather reporting. I also follow your editorials. I am increasingly alarmed at the conservative bias that you show. I understand, this is Alabama, a Republican state. But you do have Democrats who work and live among you. Is there no concern for them? Are their beliefs and convictions unimportant to you? Are you trying to divide? Saying that "The Democrats have trotted out the worst nominee since Walter Mondale" is a biased and prejudicial statement and will only further divide. I would appreciate thought, forethought and reason. Not just another reason to change the channel."

Finally ,Allen wins the prize this time with his comment:

"I would rather have a root canal than watch the current, thorough, and disgusting news coverage of the current election, or what I prefer to call "The Mission Impossible Marathon." In lieu of the debates, I turn off the television, go outside and go down to the lake and do my laundry in the river beating my clothes on the rocks. Good stress reliever from all the negative sermons. Oh, I am going to vote, it is my civic duty, and yes, my clothes will be clean. Have a blessed day."

All three are great comments and there were many more.

I quick reminder, the comments I make are my own. They are not necessarily the beliefs of anyone other than me here at WSFA. The news is the news and the folks here at WSFA deliver it better than anyone. Editorials are not news… just my views. Thank you all for your comments and have a great weekend.

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