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More Questions to Ask before Sending Your Child to Camp

What kinds of opportunities and experiences will your child have?

  • What is the philosophy of the camp?
  • What are the objectives of the camp?
  • Is the physical and emotional well-being of the campers the camp's top priority?
  • At what pace is the camp run? Are there free times, rest times, and choice of activities for the campers?
  • Are the programs well-balanced?
  • Are programs at the camp well structured but flexible to allow for camper self-expression?
  • Does the camp promote the learning of new skills and the development of skills already learned?
  • Are children grouped appropriately by age and gender.
  • Does the camp maintain a high level of physical and emotional well-being?
  • Are campers invited to develop leadership skills?

What kind of supervision will your child have?

  • Is the camp director strongly experienced and does he/she have a solid understanding of children?
  • Are the counselors mature, well-trained and experienced?
  • If the camp is a specialty camp, is the staff experienced and qualified in that specialty.
  • Is each camp counselor responsible for no more than eight campers?
  • Could your child readily turn to the camp counselors for guidance?
  • In overnight camps is there someone available at all hours to handle problems which may arise?

Will your child be in a safe and healthy environment?

  • Is the camp site free from serious physical hazards?
  • What accident prevention methods are practiced? Are all camp employees trained in fire and waterfront safety and in the use of all safety equipment
  • Is there one person completely responsible for your child's welfare at all times?
  • Are the eating facilities sanitary? Is food prepared and stored under safe conditions? Are the meals well-planned?
  • Is the water supply safe, regularly tested, and adequate for bathing and drinking?
  • Is there a registered nurse or doctor in attendance at the camp? Is there a well supplied infirmary?
  • Is there adequate protection from communicable disease?
  • Is garbage disposed of in a sanitary fashion.
  • In overnight camps are sleeping facilities comfortable, ventilated, and well spaced.
  • Are lights out policies enforced and Is enough time allowed for sleep?

Will the camp be a good match for my child?

  • Does your child have any special needs and can the camp meet those needs?
  • Is your child ready to leave home?
  • What is the tuition?
  • Are there other expenses
  • Is a refund available if your child leaves the camp early or has to cancel?
  • What are the camp's hours?
  • Are unannounced visits to the camp by parents allowed?
  • Does the camp provide transportation?
  • Have you interviewed the camp director and camp counselors responsible for your child?
  • Have you visited the camp? Did the camp encourage a visit before signing your child up?
  • Have you talked to parents of other children who have previously attended the camp?

How do I know whether or not campers are at risk for violence at a camp?

  • Review any history of violence at the camp.
  • Review the history of violence in similar camp environments.
  • Evaluate the history of violence at local contributing schools.
  • Keep an open line of communication with everyone.



(Adapted from a list prepared by the American Camping Association )

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