Prayer Comforts When Nothing Else Can

Prayer is not always about asking for healing or seeking a miracle. To some people, it brings comfort when nothing else can. It can be especially comforting for those who lose loved ones.

In this story, you will meet a family who is surviving. They're surviving the loss of a mother, a wife, a daughter. And, while their incredible strength may be surprising, to this family, it's simple - God and prayer are pulling them through.

Steve Taylor spends a lot of time with his girls, Lily and Katie and so do their grandparents, Helen and Harold Hancock. This family wouldn't have it any other way. "I feel like right now I am in a high position in raising these girls because there's truly a purpose for them to be here," says Steve. "I can't help but believe that He(God) has a special plan for them and that they are miracles."

That's because last year, the twins were involved in a horrible car accident. Amazingly, they survived.but their mother, Lynda Taylor, did not. "It's really hard to explain..just a numb, in shock feeling," shares Steve.

Steve was the first one at the hospital after his wife was brought in. "Almost immediately church friends poured in and if it wasn't for that alone, I don't know how I would have made it. We've experienced God's grace in a way we never thought we would."

Helen and Harold Hancock say it's a parent's worst nightmare - losing a child. "You don't know how you will act when you have a traumatic experience like this, but when you have this, this foundation, it's there and you know God is in control.

And that's how they're surviving - clinging to their faith and believing that God and prayer will pull them through. "It has been incredible, his presence because you can't get through something like this in your own strength."

It's not always easy. There are constant reminders to Lynda's absence, especially when Steve looks at his girls. "There will be times when they're there and I will just start crying and I'm losing it and I'll just start praying, God please help me. And then my girls will come over and start comforting me."

Steve says he believes that's God's way of comforting him and he, like Helen and Harold, says faith will get him through Lynda's death "I've got God on my side and I know I will see her again one day and we're in check, we're o.k. and we're gonna make it." "it's been horrible. It really has, but we know who holds the future and we know where she is."

The family says it hasn't just been their prayer's but the prayers of hundreds of others that have helped. Helen says she also has someone praying specifically for her now that she's the mother-figure to Lily and Katie. And, believe it or not, she says she's had more energy lately.