Editorial: In the end, you vote

Editorial: In the end, you vote

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The election is coming on Tuesday. When talking about the presidential race, for many it can't come soon enough. Don't let the absolute mental drain that has been this presidential race keep you from exercising your right to vote. There will be races in each county and municipality that will truly have an effect on your day-to-day lives. Earn your right to voice your opinion by voting.

There are fourteen amendments on the ballot. All of them are important in one way or another, and all of them deserve an educated vote. You can go to WSFA.com mouse over the local tab and click on Decision 2016 to find information on each of the amendments.

There are two amendments that I will be paying particular attention to.

Amendment 2, on the surface, is an amendment that will protect the state park revenues from being raided by politicians. Dig a little deeper though and you see that the amendment also allows for the privatization of some of the more popular and lucrative park areas, or in other words, the privatization of those parks. This was done once before in our not so distant past and for the most part to poor results.

Statewide Amendment 14 is an amendment that will in part help to protect nearly 700 local laws in place today. This was all due to a recent court case that called into question the way the Alabama House of Representatives voted on local bills. In the end voting yes will keep all of those laws on the books. Voting no would put those laws in jeopardy and erase a lot of hard work.

In the end exercise your right. A right fought and died for.  A right that most of this world does not enjoy.

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