Roby, Mathis face off for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District seat

Roby, Mathis face off for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District seat

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The battle is on for the seat for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District.

Incumbent Martha Roby is hoping to keep her seat and serve for a fourth term.

While Roby's opponent's name may not be as recognized, he isn't new to the political arena.

Democrat Nathan Mathis was born and raised in south Alabama. Although retired, he isn't quite done with work as he's hopeful to soon work for the people of the 2nd Congressional District.

"I will be working for the constituents of this area. I'll try to be a conservative representative and I'll listen to my constituents and do what they want me to do," said Mathis.

If elected, it wouldn't be the first time Mathis has held a political office. He served one term as Chairman of the Houston County Commission and then four terms in the Alabama House of Representatives.

"I would like to bring back the lost art of compromise. It seems like, in Congress, you got now where one side will draw a line and the other side will draw a line and they won't go across the line. We need to work together to solve the problems," claims Mathis. "What we need to realize is if people will vote for me, it will help Mrs. Roby from having the most miserable two years of her life because should she be re-elected and should Mr. Trump be elected as President, he is not going to do anything for her because of what she said about him. If Mrs. Clinton is elected, she's not going to do anything for her."

Roby disagrees, saying she can work with whoever is elected President, even with her concerns for fellow Republican candidate Donald Trump.

"I will work with whoever is in the White House. It's my job as a representative to fight diligently for the conservative values we hold so dear here in central and southeast Alabama," said Roby. "I've said my piece on Donald Trump. I'm supporting Republicans up and down the ballot and again I cannot emphasize how important it is that we maintain our majority in the House."

Roby believes she has accomplished quite a lot in the nearly three terms she has served but says more needs to be done.

"Clearly jobs and the economy still is the number one issue. There are a lot of Alabama families that continue to hurt under this heavy hand of government from the Obama administration, this regulatory environment that has stifled job growth. So, I'm going to continue to push for reforms that would allow for innovation and for job growth in the second district and in our state," claimed Roby. "And clearly, to continue to fight against the V.A. We've come a long way on behalf of Alabama's veterans in making the much-needed improvements and exposing the wrongdoing within the V.A. here in central Alabama but there's still much work left to be done."

Alabama's 2nd Congressional District encompasses 15 counties, from Elmore and Autauga Counties, to the Wiregrass.

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