Selma High School fight prompts lockdown, Mace used

Selma High School fight prompts lockdown, Mace used

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A security officer was forced to use mace to break up a fight at Selma High School Friday.

Selma police officers were called to the school around 10:45 a.m., but the altercation was over by the time they arrived.

Officials say several students were involved in the brawl and some were impacted by Mace that was sprayed in an effort to break things up. They were treated by paramedics.

No arrests were made, according to Lt. Natasha Fowlkes, but conduct reports were made by the principal to police.

Fowlkes indicated that it is not known what the students were fighting about, although rumors ran rampant.

Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson said the tensions were gang-related and that the students involved were suspended.

He voiced concerns about possible retaliation this weekend. The Selma/Dallas County Gang Task Force will be out in the community, and Jackson also requested extra police patrols.

Dr. Angela Mangum, superintendent of Selma City Schools, issued the following statement Friday regarding the incident:

"Student conflict has been an unfortunate reality in schools for decades.  To combat this reality, the Selma City School System is deliberate and proactive in its efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and visitors.  When a small group of students made the unwise decision to engage in a fight, the situation was quickly contained by security officers and staff members.  In doing so, it was unfortunate that the use of mace was deemed necessary by a security officer.  The students who were affected by the mace received appropriate medical attention, and the school was placed on lockdown to ensure the total safety of all students.  A thorough investigation is underway.  The students who were involved will receive the appropriate consequence as prescribed by the Selma City School Code of Student Conduct."

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