AL Democrats think Trump election speaks volumes about country's divisions

AL Democrats think Trump election speaks volumes about country's divisions

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - At times, you could hear a pin drop at the Alabama Democratic Conference headquarters in downtown Montgomery Tuesday as election results poured in from different states. It was not how many Democrats thought the night would go, believing it would be an easy road for Hillary Clinton.

There were plenty of stunned and dismayed looks on faces at the watch party, sponsored by the Montgomery County Democratic Party and River Region Young Democrats. Attendees rooted for Clinton till the very end.

Those we spoke to think this election shed light on how divided our country is on a variety of issues.

"This is a reminder to everybody how divided our country is and it's not based on any one thing," explained Montgomery Democrat Donald Williams. "There's so many things that people are angry about, whether it be medical care, taxes, joblessness, imports, exports. This whole election process of the president this turn has been about the worst I've ever seen it, publicly. It's just been centered on hate."

Amalie Mersh is part of a group of woman interning at a newspaper in Denmark. They came to experience the U.S. election and were guests at the watch party. She weighed in on Donald Trump and how he is viewed in her home country.

"I think people find him very extreme," Mersh stated. "He's a bit like a reality show. We find it very hard to understand how on earth he could get to where he is, to be honest. It's been trying to understand people's perspective and why they would want to vote for him."

"Trump is a bad face for America," was the sentiment from ADC Chairman Joe L. Reed. "We don't need that. We need someone who is going to have a positive attitude and someone who really believes that America can live up to its promise."

Even though the presidential election didn't go their way, Democrats eyed the bigger picture as they look to the future. Officials hope the nation can forward on a more united front.

"We're proud of the fact that we have a country where we can all differ, and when it's all over, come together and say "God Bless America", liberty and justice for all," Reed added.

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