Montgomery man attends Donald Trump's victory party in NYC

Montgomery man attends Donald Trump's victory party in NYC
(Source: Perry Hooper Jr.)
(Source: Perry Hooper Jr.)

New York City (WSFA) - In Alabama, Donald Trump won by a landslide.

At least one Montgomery resident was in New York to see the election results all unfold and witness President-elect Donald Trump take the stage live for his victory speech.

Perry O. Hooper, Jr. is a former state representative and the Alabama co-chairman of the Trump for President campaign.

In regards to Trump winning, Hooper said, "It doesn't get any better than that."

Hooper says he's had around two hours of sleep.

He arrived in New York Monday and went to the Trump campaign headquarters Tuesday night to watch the results. Hooper says he was near the front as the President-elect came out on stage.

Now that Trump has won, Hooper says there's plenty of tasks ahead and things which need to be done, but he believes Trump can make it happen.

"You know, whether it's Republicans or Democrats, we've had a hard time getting along and getting anything accomplished. Donald Trump is the kind of guy to take the leader of the Republicans and the leader of the Democrats and he'll lock them up in a room and he'll say, 'guys you ain't coming out until you get something worked out so we can go ahead and pass legislation. So together, all of us can make American great again.' The people have spoken and they want us to get things done and I've got confidence in Donald Trump that he'll do that," claimed Hooper. "Look, Donald Trump, I love the guy but his ego is so big he couldn't sleep at night if he wasn't the best President ever in America. So, I'm pumped! I think he's going to be great!"

When asked if he had any doubts he may watch Trump give a concession speech instead of a victory one, spoken like a true Alabamian, Hooper said he is from Alabama and is not used to losing.

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