City of Montgomery Rolls Out Welcome Mat for Hyundai

The excitement is in the air, on billboards and signs around the city. Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright says "I'm excited. For an old country boy this is exciting for me."

240 Korean dignitaries and media representatives travelled 15 hours on a chartered 747 from Korea for the grand opening. Hyundai spokesperson, Kathy Johnson says, "We have almost every hotel in Montgomery pretty much booked at this point with all the guests that will be coming from around the country."

One of the hotels, the Embassy Suites, rolled out the red carpet for the star of the show, the new 2006 Sonata. When the cars roll off the assembly line, they'll head to dealerships like capitol Hyundai. "This is our only dealership. We have worked very hard to get it up and running," says Hyundai Motor America President and CEO Bob Cosmai.

Cosmai checked out the new facility. He's ensuring it's up to Hyundai standards. Cosmai says, "
This is going to be the representative for Hyundai in the marketplace."

From the groundbreaking to the grand opening, Hyundai and the City of Montgomery step towards the future. Cosmai says, "We're very excited we're going to make an impact in this market."

Hyundai is giving a big boost to the economy in Dallas County. It has not one, but two Hyundai spin-off suppliers. Together they'll employ 300 people.