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Jeh Jeh: It's Déjà vu for Briarwood against Mortimer Jordan

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It was Week 5 when Briarwood beat Mortimer Jordan, but anything can happen in the playoffs, right?

Or would it be Déjà vu?

In the first quarter, Blue Devil quarterback Douglass Moore threw an interception to Andrew Sherrod. That was the only significant play in the entire 1st half.

The game was scoreless until the third quarter. That’s when Briarwood quarterback William Gray tossed a 30-yard touchdown pass to Carson Eddy. Briarwood went for the  two-point conversion and got it to make it 8-0.

Later in the game, a great throw and catch when Moore threw to Garek Hall for a 33-yard gain that looked like an interception for the Lions. But that drive stalled when Braden Austin fumbled inside the 20 yard line.

Then in the fourth quarter, Lions quarterback William Moore again with a nice 12-yard touchdown pass to running back JR Tran-Reno to seal the victory for the Lions.

Mortimer Jordan ends its impressive season at 10-3. Briarwood has won 12 straight games, but they face a formidable defense in the semifinals, Wenonah.

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