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Statewide no burn order still in effect despite rainfall

(Source: Raycom News Network) (Source: Raycom News Network)

The Alabama Forestry Commission says Monday was a historic day for fires in the state with 3,000 acres burned by 108 wildfires.

"We don't see those kind of totals normally. That's pretty extreme for us, but that's the kind of conditions we've been in for almost the last two months," said Assistant State Forester Dan Jackson.

The high-powered winds Monday played a big role in the spread of the fires. However, the rain that followed those strong winds was a welcome sight for Jackson and firefighters.

"We've gotten a good break from it. Let's our folks catch their breath and actually get a little bit of rest, which they desperately need," Jackson said.

He warns though, our state still has a long ways to go with the dryness.

"We are not safe by any means. We've already heard reports that some areas it hasn't even puddled up. What rain came has already been soaked up by the ground, and that's the case for most areas," Jackson said.

Jackson says the statewide no burn order remains in effect for our state.

"Just to keep things under control, and we can't let some folks burn and not let others burn. We'll have to keep it in effect for the time being across the state. After the next rain, we'll assess how much that is and what kind of relief that gives us, and if we need to make any adjustments from there we can in concert with the governor's office," Jackson said.

He did say there is a possibility the no burn order could be lifted later this week or maybe next week.

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