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Fmr. Elmore Co. Commissioner Joe Faulk convicted of felony ethics law violation

Commissioner Joe Faulk (Source: Elmore County Sheriff's Office) Commissioner Joe Faulk (Source: Elmore County Sheriff's Office)

Longtime Elmore County Commissioner Joe Faulk pleaded guilty on Thursday to using his public position for personal gain. 

Faulk appeared before District Judge Glen Goggans in Elmore County to plead to information, which forgoes a grand jury indictment.  

According to Attorney General Luther Strange, Faulk agreed in a plea deal to resign from his office, plead guilty to the felony ethics violation, and to cooperate with the state in its ongoing criminal investigation into related matters. 

“The facts are clear that this defendant abused his public trust by using his position as an Elmore County Commissioner for his own financial gain,” said Attorney General Strange. “As a public servant, he betrayed his obligation to honor the best interests of citizens and not to use his office for personal enrichment.”

Court documents show Faulk entered into an agreement with a subsidiary of Financial Marketing Concepts to recommend pharmacy discount cards to county commissions. Faulk was hired for his contacts as a county commissioner, and former county commission chairman. 

Between October 2011 and July 2016, Faulk called on county commissioners across Alabama to promote the card, without disclosing his financial interest. 

Faulk earned a 30 cent commission every time someone with a pharmacy discount card, through their respective county commission, filled a prescription; totaling $63,651 over the course of nearly five years. 

Faulk voted with the Elmore County Commission to enter into a contract with the same company for pharmacy discount cards, without stating that he would make a commission on each use.  

Faulk was arrested in October after a complaint was filed. 

There’s no word if Faulk will serve time in prison, the terms of his plea agreement are unknown. Faulk is now convicted of a Class B felony, which is punishable up to 2-20 years in prison. Goggans stated in court that Faulk would not be subject to restitution. 

Governor Robert Bentley is expected to appoint a commissioner to serve the remainder of Faulk’s term in the coming weeks.  

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