BRAC member says DOD needs to gives specifics on recommendations

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP)_A member of a military base closing review panel said the Department of Defense needs to explain how money is to be saved under its proposal to move computer systems management from Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base to a Massachusetts base.

Retired Admiral Harold Gehman said the Pentagon believes shifting the Maxwell program and others to Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts will provide -- quote -- "a better product."

Gehman spoke to reporters yesterday after touring the Maxwell-Gunter operation and met with Governor Bob Riley, U-S Senator Jeff Sessions and Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright.

Riley characterized the meeting with Gehman as a frank and open discussion. Sessions said the military significance of each base would be the biggest factor for the commission.

Under the recommendations, Maxwell would lose overall one-thousand-251 jobs -- 740 military and 511 civilian.

The commission members' observations on Maxwell-Gunter will be discussed publicly at a BRAC regional hearing June 30th in Atlanta.

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