Felt background

  • Mark Felt was born August 17, 1913, in Twin Falls, Idaho
  • BA University of Idaho, LLB George Washington University
  • Started work with the FBI in 1942.
  • He served at FBI headquarters and at a number of posts such as New Orleans, Salt Lake City, and Kansas City.   In Kansas City Felt worked to reign in Kansas City's mafia.
  • In 1962 he returned to FBI headquarters where he served as second in command of the Bureau's training division.  In 1964 was named head of the FBI's Inspection Division.
  • In 1965 he became an assistant directer to J. Edgar Hoover. When Hoover died in May 1972, L. Patrick Gray took over as FBI director and Felt was named associate director—the number-two job in the bureau.
    Felt stayed until June 1973, when he parted company with acting FBI Director William Ruckelshaus.
  • From the break-in on June 17, 1972, until June 1973, when the FBI investigation was pretty well completed, Felt was the key control point for FBI information.
  • Felt was pardoned by President Ronald Reagan in 1981; clemency for authorizing FBI agents to break into Vietnam protestors' offices without warrants