Guest Editorial: Notable deaths

Guest Editorial: Notable deaths

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Former Governor Albert Brewer died on Monday. He was a notable figure in Alabama politics.  By all accounts, he was a statesman, a public servant, and a gentleman.

His death reminds me of the fascination we have with those year-end slideshows of notable people who died that year, and 2016 was a long list. Yes, we have that slideshow on our website too.

Along with the merely famous, there were the super famous such as Muhammad Ali, Prince and Fidel Castro.

There were those too old for many of us to remember, and those too young to die.  Joe Garagiola and Abe Vigoda… George Michael and Malik Taylor

There were those with political influence and those who just made a difference. Antonin Scalia and Shimon Peres.  John Glenn and Harper Lee.

It's good to look back and remember these people.  But while their lives may have been more interesting than others, no one life is more precious than another, regardless of how notorious or obscure.

If you had someone you love die in 2016, I'm sure you will agree.

It's a good time to remember those who have passed and to appreciate the value of every life in your life in 2017.

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