Hurricane Season Begins; Brewton Remembers

No one has to tell Henry Hill what today is.

"Hurricane season. It's still fresh on your mind," says Hill.

Hill still has the photographs that show part of his home crushed thanks to a large oak tree.

"It got beat up pretty bad," Hill recalls.

For Jeff Spann, the roofing business has yet to slack off.

"I probably have repaired 150 roofs since the storm, and I still have another 3 months to go before we wind down," Spann says.

But overall Brewton is clearly a different town today than it was last fall. You no longer see the piles of debris littering the landscape. Eight months after Ivan, the town has cleaned up and bounced back. Today, Brewton is embracing another hurricane season with the hope history doesn't repeat itself.

If there is a next time Escambia County's EMA Director David Jennings says the county will be more prepared.

"We learned from Ivan that we've got to get our roads cleared quicker and we already have a contract in place for that to happen should we get hit again," Jennings says.

The first day of the new hurricane season turned out to be a warm but quiet day for Brewton. Residents hope this time around they won't have to weather another monster like Ivan.

Hurricane experts predict anywhere from 13 to 15 named storms with 8 actually becoming hurricanes.