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Some lawmakers push for impeachment proceedings to restart


Rep. Paul Beckman, R-Prattville, will push for the House Judiciary Committee to resume it's impeachment proceedings. 

The committee suspended investigating articles of impeachment targeting Gov. Robert Bentley after a request from Attorney General Luther Strange because Strange was doing "related work."

However, in more than two months there hasn't been a public update on what the related work may be. 

“Out of sight out of mind, and we don’t want that,” Beckman said. 

Beckman isn't the only one pushing for the judiciary committee to resume its work. 

Rep. Allen Farley also said he would support Beckman's proposal. Both lawmakers are members of the House Judiciary Committee. 

Since the attorney general's Nov. 3 letter things have changed, leading to Beckman and Farley using for impeachment proceedings to resume. 

The first part is Strange announced plans to run for Jeff Sessions' Senate seat if it is vacated with Sessions becoming the U.S. Attorney General. 

Strange interviewed for a potential Bentley appointment to the seat earlier this year. 

Farley said with lawmakers stepping aside for Strange, it leaves them without the ability to know what is going on with any potential investigation.  

“[Strange] blindfolded us. He told my constituents I am going to take your representative, and I'm going to ask him to step out of the room,” Farley said. 

Representatives Paul Beckman and Allen Farley said the resuming the investigation could help get answers? 

“And I think by backing up, it will hold everybody’s feet to the fire,” Beckman said. 

Both representatives said a new investigation is not about going after the governor. Instead, it's about keeping the process open and transparent. 

“We will produce the evidence that says there is enough evidence here to impeach the governor, or we will produce the evidence that shows there isn't enough evidence to impeach the governor. But the people of the State of Alabama need to know,” Farley said. 

Lawmakers will return to Montgomery on Feb. 7.

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