Guest Editorial: Avoidable roadway deaths

Guest Editorial: Avoidable roadway deaths

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - You've heard it said that it's safer to fly than to drive in America, and statistically that's true. Yet, while we have virtually no control over our fate in an airplane, the same is not true for an automobile.

New 2016 state traffic fatality figures from the University of Alabama reveal a troubling set of facts.

While total collisions only increased by 2 percent last year, traffic fatalities increased by 25 percent.

The UA study found that speed, lack of safety belts, distracted driving and pedestrian faults were the major contributors to the increase in deaths. These causes were further intensified by their combination with driving under the influence.

While all these factors are controllable, the biggest no-brainer has to be seatbelts. Other studies have shown that of all crash deaths in Alabama, fewer than half of those people were wearing seatbelts.

If you're guilty of ignoring any of these factors, it's not too late for a new year's resolution, and they all sound like pretty good ones.

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