Shashy's terror threat case to go before grand jury

Shashy's terror threat case to go before grand jury

WSFA - Matthew Shashy, the man involved in a 12-hour standoff with Montgomery police in early January, was in court for a preliminary hearing Friday. Defense attorneys showed up to court, prepared to go forward with the hearing, but it was unexpectedly waived in order to obtain the evidence faster in the case.

A Mandatory Conditions of Release order, filed by Judge Troy Massey on Friday, offered new evidence in the case. It stated if Shashy is moved to a less secure facility, he would be subjected to electronic monitoring.

Shashy was released on bond Jan. 5 under the condition he seeks mental health services. Shashy's attorney, Susan James, would not speak to the terms of that mental health care.

"There's so many privacy issues, we don't want to address those," James stated.

Investigators attempted to speak to Shashy about reportedly firing shots outside the gate at Maxwell Air Force Base. That triggered the 12-hour standoff between the suspect and police.

Shashy is also connected to reportedly leaving three different sets of anti-government graffiti in front of government buildings. James wouldn't speak to whether her client admitted to those crimes.

"He's still got a Fifth Amendment right not to say anything, and we certainly don't want to say that for him," James said.  "We would advise him not to say that."

Shashy is charged with three counts of making a terrorist threat, a Class C Felony.

"The conduct here does not rise to the level of a terroristic threat," James explained. "We understand the concern of law enforcement. At this point, there's so little known about what happened, and a lot the public doesn't know. We think we will prevail in explaining that it wasn't what it looked like it was."

The order also stated Shashy should refrain from contacting the victim in this case. James said there was no traditional victim in this case, calling it standard language in the order.

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office declined to comment.

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