Editorial: Meanness and hate must stop

Editorial: Meanness and hate must stop

Is it me, or is our country more angry and hateful today than say even five years ago? There was an election last year, and one side won and the other didn't.

In years past, one would accept defeat and work harder to insure a different outcome in four years.

It seems this most recent election has raised the level of anger to record heights.

As an example, I reference the Women's March, which was held last week.

I believe the march was initially a great idea. I understand the purpose of the march was to point out inequalities between men and women and to voice an unhappiness with our current president.

Those ladies had the right as Americans to let their voices be heard and to have a cry for change. That stated, I think the true effort and message is lost when you have the likes of Madonna wishing to "blow up the White House" and Ashley Judd reciting the same verbiage that Donald Trump used that infuriated so many women and men across this country.

How does this solve or accomplish anything. It only makes people angrier.

I think back to the hardships that were also real during the civil rights movement. True American heroes like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. made massive changes in our society and yet, never once did they utter vulgarity and issue threats.

Meanness and hate must stop. Applauding it and promoting it will not solve problems - it only adds to them.  Let's change that, starting right here in Montgomery.

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