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Argument over dog leads to deadly shooting in Coosa County

(Source: WSFA 12) (Source: WSFA 12)

An argument over a dog led to the fatal shooting of a man in Coosa County. It happened late last week in the Hidden Valley community in the western part of Coosa County.

"At times, we deal with things that don't make sense," said Coosa County Sheriff Terry Wilson.

Before the shooting occurred on County Road Five last week, Wilson thought he had seen it all in his 40-year career.

"It's hard to figure out or wonder why someone would lose their life in such a situation when it could have easily been resolved in another way," he said.

Michael Mitchell, 73, and Charlie Hayes, 63, got into an argument prior to the shooting. Witnesses tell investigators Mitchell ran over Hayes' dog by accident. The dog died from his injuries.

"After the dog got run over, both of those men met each other in the roadway over there in Hidden Valley and that's where the confrontation and the argument ensued," said Wilson.

According to the sheriff, Mitchell shot Hayes once in the head. Hayes was airlifted to UAB and later died from his injuries. As of right now, no charges have been filed against Mitchell because he is claiming self-defense.

"There were a few folks that saw some of it and we're trying to talk with them," said Wilson.

Mitchell is a retired Coosa County school teacher and investigators say he has been cooperative. Detectives have recovered the handgun allegedly used in the shooting. The sheriff's department plans to turn over its findings to a Coosa County grand jury sometime in the spring.

Sheriff Wilson says the two men knew of each other and lived in the area but were not close friends.

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