Editorial: Hate editorial response

Editorial: Hate editorial response

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - My first true editorial last week regarding the hateful words uttered by Madonna and Ashley Judd generated a host of negative email and a positive phone call:

Cynthia wrote:

DO NOT DARE tell me to calm down. Put my 7 1'2" shoes on and walk in them in your world. These women did not march for Madonna or any other celebrity.

Renee said:

I am wholeheartedly disappointed that you would choose as your first editorial to "mansplain" to the women of the Montgomery area how to conduct their political discourse before you have even unpacked all of your boxes after moving into the community.

Chuck e-mailed:

We will March for YOU if our authoritarian president continues to tighten the screws on a free press.

Don offered this though.

"I wish there were millions more people like you. That was telling the truth. That was so good. I appreciate you doing that. God bless you."

I would like to set the record straight, the goal of my editorial was not to attack the march, as it is the right of every American to do so. My daughter actually participated in the Boston March. I am just hoping next year they don't have headliners whose rhetoric takes away from the true message.

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