Two Brothers Dead, Two Different Tragedies

At the Hillside Funeral Home in Wetumpka, Charlie Mae Colquitt is planning a funeral for the second time in three and a half months.

"It's a heartbreaker," says Colquitt.

In February Colquitt buried her oldest son, a shooting victim on Pine Street. And last weekend it happened again. John Colquitt drowned in the Coosa River in Wetumpka. A double heartache, two gut-wrenching losses.

"I was close to my sons. When the first one went down, I thought that was the worst thing that could ever happen. Now this," says Antonio Colquitt, the father of the two boys.

Unlike the shooting, the drowning was accidental. It was a family outing. John Colquitt jumped off the ledge of one of the old river locks. It turned out to be the last jump the 30 year old Colquitt would make.

"He just didn't come no more," says Colquitt's girlfriend, Charlotte Bizzell.

By the time Charlotte got to the river, John was already in trouble. Their eyes met, and Charlotte says she'll never forget his last words.

"He said, 'help, help.. I love you," Bizzell recalls.

Two sons gone, two funerals but you won't find bitterness or a family who's lost faith. In fact, Colquitt senior says he's found strength and something else.

"I've never really attended church but I will now. When you start leaving God out that's when problems start," says Colquitt.

"My hand is in God's hands," says Charlie Mae Colquitt who now only has a daughter left.

A hand the family says will help them get through another sad goodbye. John Colquitt will be buried this weekend.