Montgomery community receives 120-Day plan for schools

It's not on the best seller list, but a lot of people have been waiting to read it -the Montgomery public school superintendent's 120-day plan.

Far more people turned out to hear what the superintendent plans to do than was expected. So many came, the meeting had to be moved from a school library to the auditorium to accommodate the some 300 people from the community.

One was parent Terry Dees. "We truly are concerned about our children." And that's what Superintendent Carlinda Purcell talked about, what her 120 day plan will do for the children.

"If you back out all the weekend days and if you back out winter vacation and you back out spring vacation and a couple of holidays, I have been in Montgomery exactly 120 days today."

The plan includes reducing the central office staff by 5 to 8 percent this year and 15 to 20 percent in three years.

Another goal is to increase the number of schools that have a 95% average daily attendance record with attention also to dropouts who don't see the relevance of school.

"One of the things that I hope to do before school starts is take our principals to the Hyundai plant and take a tour because we don't teach in our schools the way the plant looks and where our children are going to work."

All certified personnel will receive training in how to deal with students who come from poverty. Purcell's plan is to get achievement scores up to state levels over nine years, and she says even then, that's pushing it. "there are enough adults in our school district who are educated and ought to know how to mentor and adopt one student in the school...that you can ask questions of...that you can say let me help you with this."