Amanda: all eyes on weekend rain chances

The forecast does not get much better than this… for starters, it’s Friday (woohoo!). Add to the mix a mostly sunny sky dominating, while temperatures warm close to 70° and you have a recipe for a great day. Don't forget to add a comfortable southwesterly breeze, and did I mentioned it is still February?! It’s all a great combination for sure, so much so I might leave work early to go out and enjoy it. If you can, I would advise you do. Rain could be an issue for some spots in time for the first half of the weekend, and with a lot of outdoor events planned this forecast is especially important to monitor…

Tonight: As the day turns into night, clouds will continue to increase in coverage. They will act like a blanket and keep out atmosphere warmth, so don’t expect many 30s when you wake up tomorrow morning. Overnight lows will drop only into the upper 40s and low 50s. We are watching a low pressure system move off towards our south and west, and it will inch closer to the region as we head throughout the overnight. Besides a few rogue showers popping up ahead of the system, I believe we stay mostly dry through the night.

Saturday: So… I have some good news and I have some bad news. Normally, I like to start with the bad news first: as the previously mentioned upper-level low pressure system swings on through the state of Alabama, pockets of light to moderate rain will overspread the area from west to east.

This system will be somewhat in a battle with itself, considering the fact the atmosphere is mostly dry ahead of the rain. Due to the moisture-starved nature of the setup, you might assume rain is likely to hold together, but there also looks to be some fairly strong lift, so it should be sufficient enough for at least *some* rain to occur. Our best opportunity for more widespread showers arrives early in the morning with the likelihood that the coverage goes down to a more scattered chance for rain by the afternoon as some drier pockets of air could invade the region and help limit overall rain coverage and intensity by the afternoon.


Now for the good news: there does not look to be signs of a severe weather threat along with the rain (yay!). Although showers will be a nuisance through parts of our Saturday, if a storm or two does pop up it looks to remain very tame with only a few rumbles expected.


And now for (unfortunately) more bad news:  outdoor activities are likely to be affected in some way, but signs do not point to this forecast being a washout… if you keep your WSFA Weather app handy you can use live interactive radar to plan ahead.

Drying Out & Warming Up: So Friday is a great weather day, Saturday… not so much. I am happy to report that Sunday looks to favor drier and sunnier conditions, so the second half of the weekend shows signs of improvement!! Highs will be back into the 70s, and the warming trend continues from there… the new workweek will start off with perfect weather and highs climbing close to 80°. Talk about a way to wrap up February!!

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