Testimony: DNA on Harris' shoes matches shooting victims

LUVERNE, Ala. (AP)_A state DNA analyst has testified that blood stains from the shoes of Westley Devon Harris match at least two of the six members of his girlfriend's family that he is accused of killing.

Prosecutors argue that Harris wore the tennis shoes when he gunned down the family members of Janice Ball at the family's rural farm in Rutledge.

Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences examiner Phyllis Rollan told the court today that a blood stain from Harris' left shoe matches that of Ball's brother, 19-year-old Jerry Ball. She says a stain from his right shoe is a mixture of Harris' blood and that of Ball's other brother, 14-year-old John Ball.

Harris is on trial for capital murder in the August 2002 shooting deaths of his girlfriend's grandmother, parents and three teenage brothers over the course of several hours at their rural Rutledge home.

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