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Gov. Bentley creates Grocery Tax Task Force

(Source: WSFA 12 file photo) (Source: WSFA 12 file photo)

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley created the Grocery Tax Task Force on Tuesday with the objective of reviewing sales tax related to groceries in the state.

“My goal for this task force is to remove four percent off food items and put that money back in the pockets of Alabamians who need it the most, such as low-income individuals and families on a fixed income,” Governor Bentley said. “As I have traveled the state, I have heard first hand from individuals who want the opportunity to adequately feed their families without being overtaxed.”

Bentley wants recommendations from the task force on any changes that could be made by the governor or legislature. The governor says changes would ensure a fair and equitable tax while encouraging a healthier Alabama.

Alabama Department of Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee will head up the task force.

“I look forward to working with the rest of the Task Force to deliver the Governor’s objectives as outlined in the Executive Order,” Magee said.

However, according to Magee, the tax brings in about $350 million to the education trust fund. Magee said without the tax, some money would be diverted to other taxes like the state's sales tax. 

Bentley said he wanted to do away with the tax without a replacement. 

According to a release from Bentley's office, the Task Force's findings and recommendations are due to the Governor and the Legislature by June 1.

Multiple attempts have been made in recent years to eliminate Alabama's tax of groceries, but each attempt has failed.

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