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Alabama Senate prepares for possibility of impeachment

Governor Robert Bentley (Source: WSFA 12 file photo) Governor Robert Bentley (Source: WSFA 12 file photo)

A subcommittee, formed on Wednesday, will take a look at creating rules the Alabama Senate would follow in the event the House votes for impeachment. 

Sens. Phil Williams and Cam Ward said Wednesday they don't believe the House will vote to impeach Bentley but want to make sure the Senate is ready just in case.

The subcommittee includes Williams, Sen. Greg Albritton, Sen. Bobby Singleton and Sen. Hank Sanders. The committee is split 2-2 between Republicans and Democrats.

Part of the reason for the subcommittee is the vagueness of Alabama's constitution when it comes to impeaching the governor. 

The constitution does say the chief justice of the state, in this case, acting Chief Justice Lyn Stuart, would preside over the Senate, while the Senate members would act almost like a jury to decide whether or not to remove the governor from office. 

The constitution also states, that if the House votes to impeach the governor, he would be suspended from office until the Senate comes to a conclusion. 

To fill the holes in the constitution, the new subcommittee, led by Williams, will try to create new rules.  

"A heavy, heavy burden to carry," Williams said. "I don't want anyone in the state to think we are taking that lightly, we are literally going through the steps right now so that we have something in place so we can show the citizens of this state that we are ready to deal with the challenge and to meet out what we think is the most fair and just process possible."

The committee will have its first meeting on Thursday. 

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