Editorial: Come to America, but follow our laws

Editorial: Come to America, but follow our laws

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Immigration is a hot topic thanks in part to then-candidate Donald Trump's desire to build the wall and protect our borders.

I believe the president misstepped with his hurried immigration bill as there were too many unanswered questions regarding specific details and the prevention of allowing people with legal visas back into the country.

I do however feel the president is correct in stating: we need to protect our borders. Some seem to forget that we have laws that must be followed for foreigners to enter into the United States to visit and/or become a citizen.

Asking for these laws to be upheld does not make anyone a racist. It demonstrates we are a country of laws designed to protect our citizens.

This country was founded by immigrants – all races, religions and heritage.  My family and I am sure yours came to this country years ago to experience the American dream.

Our relatives however came here and went through the legal process to enter America - as they knew it was the law.

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